Frame identification. Is it a Colnago?

Hi all - a newbie here, very much in need of your wisdom.

I've recently acquired this bike. Campy parts, but the frame is a mystery. Its understood to be Italian, columbus steel, 70s/80s, but its had a respray at some point.

But check out the cut-in's on the BB and downtube, which appear to be the Colnago club/clover logo, though don't look quite right - and there's no other branding.

Is this a genuine Colnago? Or something else ?

Pic3.jpg Pic2.jpg pic1.jpg


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Hello and welcome to the forum.
Could be a Colnago but doesn't look right as you say. Other makers used the cloverleaf motif thus making id more difficult.
Can't see any number etc stamped on the BB which is unusual, anything anywhere else? Drop outs etc? My '89 Colnago had a serial number on the BB.
The colnago cloverleaf had a stalk at the bottom I think.
Maybe someone else will have a better idea.
Certainly a nice bike with very racy geometry.
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Colnago also marketed a slightly lesser (by their own high standards) brand known as Colner, which used that club logo. I've seen Colner's with bottom brackets with the same clover/club cutouts before, so might be worth looking into them for further matching features.


I'm strongly favouring 'something else', but that's not to say it isn't a nice bike.

The head tube lug cutout is upside-down and missing its stem, and the BB looks off somehow: dunno whether the cutout's too big or the cable guides too workmanlike, but it's got my spidersenses tingling...

Also, can't really tell from the 3rd photo but is that a mudguard/rack eye above the dropout? If it is, then it's definitely not a Colnago :sad:

Are there any stamps on the rear dropouts? If you can find a serial number stamped anywhere and want to double check, you can email Laura at Colnago (literally who has access to what records they still have.

In other news, it doesn't seem to be from any of the main Colnago-alikes, either:
Cornelo (3-leaf clover more like an upside-down pawnbroker's sign and slightly stretched), Rauler (club or spade (I think) but with a stalk), Vagacini, Loverdi or Martelly.

Not sure about Colner - it looks a bit too... clunky... as in the cutout seems less well defined, but that could be the respray of course.

All of that said, looks like a nicely built, lively bike!


Carefully measure the width of the BB, 70mm and its Italian, here's been a couple of frames with upside down clover leaves in lugs either on here or Retrobike.


Thanks all - i'm picking up the bike tomorrow, so hopefully will be able to find some further clues to help with the identification.
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