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hello, i was wondering if anyone can identify what model this bike is from this photo? total novice here, any thoughts on this would be great.



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Welcome @martcon555 do you have any closer pictures showing the chain side and rear drop outs ?
Depending upon how old it is there could be a frame number stamped on the bottom bracket shell


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A few more close-up's of the lugs would help here. Depending upon the age there may be a frame number either on inside of the bottom drop-out, under the bottom bracket or near the seat-post. This link may help:

Given what appears to be horizontal drop-outs (small photo!) it looks like a track bike / single speed from the 1960's-1980's - a Raleigh Richmond with drop bars maybe.
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Hello and welcome to the forum @martcon555.
Looks like a single speed conversion from an old Raleigh frame and not a standard model.
Any numbers would nail the date of the frame but everything else is likely a later addition.


It's got under bb cable routing and what looks like a braze on behind the head tube. 8805? Needs better pics :smile:
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