Frame size for 11 year old??


Hi, new on here. My son aged nearly 11 has just joined a cycling club and is really keen. I would like to get him a road bike that will last for at least a couple of years (will fit cyclocross tyres as he will be doing cyclocross as well as training off road) Firstly, any suggestions as to which brand? The bikes that have been recommended to me are Islabikes Luath 700 small or a Dawes bike (48cm?). My budget is quite limited and I want him to enjoy himself, not worry about messing up a really expensive bike, so second hand would be great but we can't seem to find any second hand of these brands. Have looked on ebay and gumtree for past couple of months. Are there other suitable brands? Also, can anyone advise on frame size please? He is 4'10''/148 cm and his inseam is 28''/71cm, so he is fairly tall for his age and long legged and, if genetics are anything to go by, will become a lot taller and longer legged once puberty hits, which I'm guessing is the point we sell on and move onto adult size. Thank you :smile:


Hi Zoe, if you have a Decathlon in your area (or not too far away) take a look at their Triban 3. It comes in a range of sizes starting at a 43cm which is a good size for your son. You'd have to check they have that size or the next one up in stock for you to take a look at.

The bikes already suggested are good ones. I'm an inch taller than your son and ride bikes with 650c wheels. My road bike is 43cm and is a Trek 1.2 but that might be over your budget. I believe Luaths have good resale value too, might be worth considering.

Good luck with your search.
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