Frame size, what changes?


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It is clear that with a smaller frame size the seat is lower so one can touch the road, so with an option of 18", 20" and 22" frame knowing my wife needs an 18" do I get a 18" and put seat up, or a 22" which at 6 foot tall likely suits me better?

Does the wheel base change or only seat height?
I'm taking this to mean you might share the bike, that correct?


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So many measurements change depending on frame size.
Top tube length/reach is the most important measurement in my opinion.
Have a look at any geometry chart and you can see the differences, the one pictured is from a Specialized Allez.


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I was looking at carrera-crosspath-electric-hybrid-bike from Halfords my wife already has one and likes it, I intended to do the same. And I would get the larger frame.

However also looking at the apollo-transport-electric-folding-bike with the idea I could carry it on the bus or train. As yet don't know if bikes allowed on the local train, it's a heritage line Welshpool to Llanfair so possible no bikes anyway.

My new house is up a steep hill from main road, and an electric bike may mean I can ride from home, rather than needing to use car, bus or train first, so as yet don't know direction to go, so it's a consideration if bike sharing would work, so select best bike for that days ride.
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