France & gas canisters?

Another bit of advice needed...

We've just got a gas burner for the Trangia which uses threaded gas canisters. How easy are these to get hold of in France? - I've seen a couple of mentions that suggest they are hard to find, which could prove problematic.

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You can get them from DIY shops: Catena, Obi, Monsieur Bricolage. They will be in the 'Plomberie' section and they come in all sizes. They will fit your burner as we've used exactly your type of stove with these cartidges with no problem.


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...and for those who use eg Coleman's stoves, the new Camping Gaz screw tins may or may not fit....I haven't felt like risking it yest.
I frequently tour France and do find problems getting some types of gas cannisters. I now almost exclusively use C190 piercable ones and they are available in many types of outlets including supermarkets. I use a Markhill adapter for both C190 and Camping Gaz push fit to convert them to screw thread.

If you go to the Fell Club notice board there is an item about these and a link to a supplier. Scroll down until you get to it.


Camping Gas or own brand pierceable cannisters seem to be available in almost all supermarkets. The Markill adapter is the best.

Blue Camping Gas removable cannisters are available in many supermarkets, They look like UK screw-on cannisters until you remove the valve cover and find it's unthreaded. There's a different Markill adapter for these.

UK-style threaded cannisters seem to be only available in sports/outdoor shops (Decathlon, Intersport).

The ones you can get from hardware/DIY places are generally long and thin and are meant for blowtorches. The valve and thread is the same so they are fine on a remote cannister stove like your Trangia burner, but difficult/dangerous with a cannister-top stove.
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