Frank Schleck

Discussion in 'Pro Cycling (Road and Track Racing)' started by squiggle, 22 Aug 2012.

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    Caption competition ?
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    Dolphin 1: Always thought there was something fishy about those 2.
    Dolphin 2: Not the first time Franks been up before the beak.
    Dolphin 1: If only Andy rode with as much porpoise.
    Andy: Hands up who thinks Frank's innocent?
    Dolphin 1&2: Errr
    Dolphin 1: They shave their armpits too? How gay is that!
    Dolphin 1: Frank/Andy, no it's easy enough to learn how to swim - its as easy as falling off a bike.
    Dolphin 1: Weird no-one wears a yellow wrist band now, eh?
    Dolphin 1: Yeah but do you think Lance really doped?
    Dolphin 2: Yep.
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    Schleck 1: What was in the stuff Brunyeel gave those two?
    Schleck 2: Dunno. But he's asked me if we want jobs in the synchronised swimming team he's starting if the CAS case goes pear shaped.
    Lance (for it is he): Nike told me these skin suits were exclusive.
    Other dolphin: Pi$$ off, loser.
  7. DogTired

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    Dolphin 1: Blimey they're skinny. We should be throwing them a fish.
    Dolphin 2: No its not. If it was Lance he'd be walking on it.
    Dolphin 1: Franks only excited cos its the first time in ages he's been in cold water.

    I'm here all week! Try the beef! Or at least say you did Alberto...
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