Free - Anker Karapak Breeze case for iPhone X


Puzzle game developer
I have won an iPhone X case in a competition but I do not own one of those phones, and neither do any of my family or friends. So, I'll give it to the first iPhone X-owning CycleChatter who claims it.

THERE IS A CATCH THOUGH... It isn't an expensive piece of kit so it isn't worth me selling it and I can't be bothered to post it, so you have to meet me on a forum ride and I will hand it to you in person!

Your next opportunity is my Conder Green forum ride on Saturday, 11th May. After that, nickyboy's Llandudno ride on the 18th. I will keep on offering it on rides until I meet a CC member who wants it. :okay:

Anker Karapax Breeze case for iPhone X.jpg


Hi Colin - Do you still have this? I'm not sure when I'm next on a forum ride but I'd happily ride over to pick it up!


Puzzle game developer
I still have this case sat around doing nothing.

If anybody on the forum wants it, speak up ASAP.

I'll post it free to anywhere in the UK. Just promise to give something useful to someone else on the forum! :okay:


I’ve got a similar phone cover. The iPhone X is also the same size as a 6S/7 and 8 so would fit them too but would look a little odd on the camera bit as these only have one not two.
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