free box of krispie kreams


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There is a van on the corner of temple row and temple street in Birmingham.
They are handing out a free large box of krispie kreams.

(sorry about spelling slightly tipsy)
Can someone nip & get some and post them to me, please?


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I have a mouth full of heaven. Oh my word they are fantastic. I can't believe i have never had these before.
There are 12 ringed iced doughnuts in a box and there mine all mine muhahaha.
The queue was freakishly long, i noticed a heck of a lot of council staff (they had there ID cards round there neck) had time to queue:dry:

It's Jamaica independence day in Birmingham town centre they have the usual food plus there selling RED STRIPE larger.Lots
of deck chairs and tables in the squire and people are enjoying the food and watching the big screen tv (a lot of council workers:dry: )
My belly is happy and my head is happy........although i seemed to have purchased a helmet?:shy:

(note to self, don't drink and shop)


Last weekend we were heading off in a car and at the start of the journey got behind a Crispy Creme van, which set the tastebuds going.

When we got to where we were going the first port of call was a supermarket for some jam doughnuts. They were crap.
Had to eat three to check the whole batch wasn't up to scratch.

I really dislike K's when used in place of C's.
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