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Discussion in 'Exchange / Free' started by bonj2, 18 Apr 2008.

  1. bonj2

    bonj2 Guest

    Scott rigid road bike forks.
    for 1+1/8" headset.
    Weight 880g.
    Steerer length 265mm.
    lugs just above dropouts for panniers or mudguards, not sure which
    Free to good home, you'll need to pay postage though.

  2. Mine!;)
  3. I'll cover the postage and donate a fiver to a charidee of your choice.
  4. OP

    bonj2 Guest


    prob'ly about £7-8 for p&p if that's ok
    I'll trust you to do the charidee bit, not bothered what, pref. something that benefits humans as opposed to fluffy bunnies ;)

    you have pm
  5. Righto, ta, tomorrow.
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