free gear cables

i have changed brake cables on a few sturmey archer three speed shopper bikes , i bought a cable sets from asda containing two brake cables and two gear cables inners and outers at the princely sum of £4.
i have no use for the gear cables so have 3 pairs of front and rear inners and outers

nothing special but if anybody wants to make use of them then reply below, all i ask is chuck a couple of quid in a charity box to cover postage.
if more than 3 people reply in the next couple of days i will draw names from a hat.


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Love the idea of pulling names out of a hat!
I brought a pair of gear cables just this Monday too!


A generous offer, but a small point to note is that the housings with the cables are 5mm, the same as the brake cable housings. I have had problems with indexing using these housings, instantly cured by fitting 4mm gear specific housings. The actual wire cables are fine by the way.


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Thanks :smile:
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