Freewheel Question


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So I have a 27" wheeled bike which I want to make single speed, but retro stuff is new to me as I'm used to modern :wacko:
I'm getting a new wheelset, but all 27" wheels are freewheel.

Would the below cog work?

Any help will be appreciated.


EDIT: Would it run straight away if I screw on the cog and be aligned okay, or will I have to re-dish and re-space the wheel?
Yeah it will fit,should'nt be a problem re the chainline,
most chainline problems are with trying to convert mtbs to s/s,
bear in mind it wont last long, the quality of freewheels is abysmal these days


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re dish and space as required , try and find a dicta made one if poss they seem good and so far have not given me any issues , A E Adkins in the borough can get them if not in stock
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