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I have just bought a brand new fixie with a flip flop hub and done less than 50 miles on it when the freewheel started to spin both ways ,,,,,,,,,,,,,please help!


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Sounds like normal for non white industries freewheel. It'll need an oil bath at best...strip n grease with new bearings at worst. No big deal really...loads of vids on YouTube


Formerly just_fixed
Take it back from where you bought it. that's not really meant to happen :sad:

Fair point, The cheaper freewheels, IME, never have enough grease or lube in them. Ensure you dribble lube into the new one - that way you'll be keeping the risk of seizure reduced. Or if your comfortable in your capabilities, strip n grease it before usage.


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Flip the wheel and go fixed. No such problems. ;)
More a case of the opposite problem ... Instead of always freewheeling when you did not want it to, it would never freewheel when you did want it to! :whistle::laugh:


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Flip the wheel and go fixed. No such problems. ;)

Although traditionally it is recumbent riders who have been accused of going over to the Dark Side, I think it is time to put fixed riders there, too. Anyone who pedals every single inch of the way cannot possibly be trusted to ride a bike, let alone run a galaxy.


Needless to say I ride freewheel ss, and feel the forces of goodness and light whenever I coast.
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