FS- Garmin GPS

I've just upgraded to an all singing and dancing touch screen GPS with OS mapping.

So, my tried and tested but still working 100% well Garmin Etrex Vista Cx is now up for sale to help fund a tiny bit of the new kit.

Plus a 2GB micro SD with a UK wide basic topo type map showing streets and country bridleways as well as contour lines.

Plus a couple of bike mounts and I think I might be able to find an oversized bar clamp some where given time.

Please note I have re glued on rubber bumper strip around the edge of the unit

Just £25 plus postage


Puzzle game procrastinator!
How much for the postage to mainland UK (West Yorkshire)?

Does that one use the old RS232 serial port interface, or is it USB?

(I'm slightly tempted to buy that and sell my even older and simpler Etrex, or keep it and have one per road bike!)
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