FSA Omega crankset removal


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I have the above on my commute bike. I want to change it over to a spare 105 crankset I have (to match the rest of the bikes components. I also have a spare 105 BB to put in).

I haven't had experience of changing a FSA crankset before.
So how to do it?

There are a couple of bolts on the NDS. A centre bolt and an outside ring with some small holes.
So will I need some special tools? The center bolt takes a normal hex key. What about the outside ring?

Any pointers and help please.
I have tried You Tube but no luck finding anything and the FSA site is useless.



The outer ring stays in place. As you undo the allen headed bolt it presses against the outer ring thus pushing the arm off the spindle.


Yep, really that easy. Its torqued up to 40Nm so you may need a bit of leverage.
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