Fuji TT Bikes

I have been time trialling for a few years now, initially starting out believe it or not on a straight bared hybrid!! A couple of years ago I bought a really light weight road bike, onto which I added clip on TT bars. This brought me all the usual improvements, but I feel I have now come to the limit with this bike, so I think it's time to add a TT specific bike to my collection.

Sadly none of my mates have TT specific bikes in my size (I am 6' 4") for me to try, and being a tight git I am wary of spending too much money in case I don't get on with this type of bike. (I have been told they are an acquired taste?). With this in mind I have been looking at the Fuji D6 Comp.

I have always associated Fuji with volcano's and film in the past!! has anyone any experience / views on this bike before I take the plunge??
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