Fun and games


Do you ever play games, or just have a laugh with (or at the expense of) other cyclists?
Even if they don't know they're playing, it's ok!
Mr6 and I have just been for a fun cycle along the riverside path.
We had a race with an unsuspecting cyclist who passed us, then lost his rhythm behind the dog walkers so we gave chase. It would've been a good team pursuit if he'd only known!. If you are that cyclist, just think how much sooner you got home thanks to our encouragement!
We had the odd game of chicken with dog walkers on the way too, that's always good for a laugh!
There was something of an obstacle course going on thanks to the earlier passing of a horse! I wonder if that would make an olympic sport? The obstacle part not the horse poo!
Then we recreated the ladies sprint just before home - I was Victoria - not sure what the car behind us made of it all though:shy:


Oaf on a Bike
If I see a cyclist up ahead I usually try to see if i can catch them up and have a little race if im not already trying too hard to make it too silly. It almost always (especially with lycra riders) results in them having to get back past me, once or twice on slight downhills gravity has worked in my favour. Despite being competitive I dont think I have much of a cycling ego to get hurt, I expect roadies to beat me and i enjoy it regardless of who "wins", I stopped near the top of a steep hill a couple of months ago completely shot and waiting for my friend to catch up and watched some cheery old guy cruising effortlessly up smiling and waving, amazing.

The worst is overtaking someone when Im going for a Strava segment, going full out and then a few hundred metres on im coasting along at 10mph trying not to cough up my internal organs as they fly back past, I must look like a nob doing that :smile:


It's surprising how much quicker you can get home some nights when there's that one cyclist up ahead who's going that little bit faster than your normal pace ... and who is usually completely oblivious to your puffing and panting efforts to keep pace with them :laugh:
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