Funny yet embarrassing things you're dad's done


Way way back in the late 80s my dad enjoyed" shall we say" some lively drinking sessions. Every Sunday i would cycle the few miles over to see him, witnessing the aftermath of the night before.
One Sunday morning though i was pleasantly surprised to see him up and about and only suffering from a mild hangover.
Sitting with pride and place in the living room was a brand new Midi Hi-fi.
He was sat in front of it, starring at it intelligently trying to work out how to use it. As 80s Midi Hi-fi, s were at the time, it had a tuner, twin cassette, a built in amp and more flashing led lamps than the Blackpool illuminations.
He turned round to me and proudly showed me his new purchase and couldn't wait to get it up and running.
It turned out he bought it off a bloke the night before down the pub for £40 with his beer goggles on
An absolute bargain he couldn't resist.
So me being the whizz kid i set about getting it up and running only to find that only one speaker worked and that the cassette lids would not open. The sound was really tinny and the tuner was struggling to receive any stations.
After a bit more digging around it was becoming apparent this Hi fi system wasn't what it was cracked up to be.
We ended up taking the fibre board back off, only to discover the contents of a cheap transistor radio and half a brick end wedge in to the casing to give it some weight. There was no cassette mechanism, no amp and only one speaker.
I found really hard not to find the funny side of it and contain my laughter whilst my poor old dad looked on looking really embarrassed and ripped off.
Funnily enough he never saw the bloke who sold him this fake Hi fi again down the pub. He obviously was doing the rounds through out the country selling his ill wares🤣


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Gorgeous sunny day so he raked a can of well out of date beer out of a cupboard and set off for a jaunt on his mobility scooter. Stopped for a drink after several miles and was coming back towards home when he went off the road and tipped over into a ditch! He swears blind it was a pothole but I'm not so sure. By a stroke of luck a lady who lived in one of the farm cottages was cycling and saw it happening and called a couple of friends to get it back onto the road and he happily carried on. He never lost his dare devil attitude even when the body wasn't up to it! :laugh:


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My Dad was no fun and went out of my life fairly early but I did have two great uncles who were natural comedians and always a source of wacky fun.

Harold (who was the dead spit of Bob Mortimer as he is now) was the chef in his house, fairly rare in those days but as I got older I eventually realised that with each visit to the living room his face is getting redder, and his daft grin is getting wider. He was basically your Keith Floyd kind of cook.
He had a framed portrait picture on his wall of him in his WW2 Royal Navy days, hat at jaunty angle (which I assumed was just the style of the day) and the full Bob Mortimer grin. I asked where he had it taken and he said, "Absolutely no idea, I was really p*ssed, I know that much, that's why my hat is wonky. Singapore? Alexandria? Dunno, could be anywhere".
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From the mid 60s to the late 70s, my Dad used to work for ICL computers in the purchasing section. From the late 60s, there were regular Christmas gifts from reps of calendars, alcohol etc., but alcohol in particular grew exponentially. By around 1972 -1973, even after giving many bottles away to friends and family, he was still left with plenty.
One Christmas was particularly excessive. He started drinking just after breakfast. Because of extended (through drink) visits from friends Christmas dinner was postponed from lunchtime to evening which didn't please my Mum. Matters were made worse because my parents also owned dog kennels at the time and Dad was incapable of helping with the afternoon walk and feed.
An irate Mum served the Christmas dinner early evening. As we sat around the dining table the plates of food were completed for everyone and just as we were about to eat Dad passed out, face first on to his dinner. At which point Mum went full nuclear.
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