Garage Sale Part 1 - Tyres


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Having a couple of days off work so i decided to have a clearout in the garage.
A few pairs of Tyres to sell

1, Schwalbe Lugano 700x23, Plenty of life left. *NOW SOLD*
IMAG0812.jpg IMAG0813.jpg

2, Continental Ultra Sport 700x23, plenty of life left. £12.50 paypal gift (includes postage)
IMAG0814.jpg IMAG0815.jpg

Continental CycloCross Speed 700x35, hardly used, bit discoloured. £17.50 paypal gift (includes postage)
IMAG0816.jpg IMAG0817.jpg

Continental Contact 700x32, plenty of life left. *NOW SOLD*

IMAG0818.jpg IMAG0820.jpg

Vittoria Randonneur 700x28, plenty of life left but a bugger to fit (very tight) *NOW SOLD*
IMAG0821.jpg IMAG0822.jpg

Please note, all prices are for a pair of tyres not each!
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Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
@davester65 - how about £10 for the Lugano tyres and then you can post them with the Miche brakes? :thumbsup:


Yes, i still have them.
PM being sent.
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