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My house has a front porch that sticks out about 5 ft from the front line of the house. The house faces east. There is a flower bed each side of the porch.
The northern-facing bed has a poorly looking honeysuckle in it, a thriving fern and a buddlea that has just been dug up and moved, on the grounds that it was already too big.
The southern facing bed has a thriving clematis in it, but room for a couple more plants.

Any recommendations? The northern facing bed is likely to be the problematic one as, although it gets some direct sun in the summer, it won't in the winter.


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What do you want from it - is it to look nice from the road? Can you see the sides of the porch from inside?

What about a Camellia plant for the northern side, though they don't like to get sun on the flowers early in the morning when it is frosty so it might depend on if they could be tucked into the corner.

Do you want traditional climbers around the porch - roses, clematis, honeysuckle etc?


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North facing: Hostas, violets (native type ones), some heuchera, Japanese anemones, Fuchsias, climbing hydrangea (or you might get away with one of the alpina or macropetala clematis), anemone blanda, cyclamen, blue bells, snowdrops, foxgloves. If all else fails, Pachysandra terminalis (The most boring plant I've ever seen, but it will grow in full shade)

The shade isn't likely to be the problem with the honeysuckle, as they're a woodland plant.

South facing: Jaunty summer bedding, for a total contrast, or there are more sun tolerant varieties of hostas, heuchera and such for a linked, but slightly different effect.
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