Garmin edge 200 bike mount

I know it's a long shot but does anybody have a spare mount the one that makes the edge sit in front of the stem?
I think long shot may be an understatement :whistle: These are relativey new to the market and there aren't a lot of places doing them yet.

FWIW I recently got one of the Design Cycles Fliploc ones from the USA.

It's an excellent piece of kit, but beware, if you order one ask if they will mark it as a gift. I forgot, customs got it and as a result they banged me for an extra £12. 50 making it just shy of £40 in total.

As I say though, it is very well made and looks the dogs proverbials :thumbsup:

If they had been available I would have bought a genuine Garmin one TBH, but they are still not available yet.
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