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Good and bad news for Topo GB users.
I don't know about CityNavigator.. I haven't got it.

I was having trouble with the M42. I had put Avoids on all the ON and OFF ramps at every Mway junction in a 60 mile radius of home, but my handset continued to guide me to the M42 at the A41 junction ( which by sod's law is the one nearest to home ) when I asked to go to anywhere in a NE direction.

I have finally cured this problem and my handset won't go on any Mway at all.

That's the good news. Now for the bad news.

I had to set the Avoids for the entire length of every Mway that goes through my patch.
This means starting the Avoid where the road colour changes and stopping at the other end of the Mway where the road colour changes back ( to an A road )

This has taken several hours of zooming IN and OUT in Mapsource

Edit - Preferences - Advanced

finding all the Mway extremities.

Now when I ask for Solihull to Measham, or Tamworth, or Polesworth, or Ashby de al Z, the route zig-zags the M42 by using the A roads.

At bloody last. :wacko:


Thank god I only use City Navigator! Topo is gash.
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