Garmin Touring - Android App Equivalent?

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North Wales
I'm interested in picking up a "sat nav for my bike" type product, and it appears the Garmin Touring computer seems to fit the bill best, however a lot of reviews claim the interface is clunky and unreliable. I have an HTC One android phone and was wondering, are they any apps that have similar functionality? As in, accept a number of locations as way points, then plot and map the route, begin navigation instructions etc?

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I have OsmAnd+ Maps & Navigation (the paid one) it works on short rides, how it would work on a tour is another matter


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I think the Garmin Touring may have been clunky in the past but if it was Garmin have sorted it because I dont have problems with mine. I run it with and it is simple to use and great tracking.


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I have looked at Ridewithgps, Mapmyride, Garmin Connect and a couple of others but in my opinion Plotaroute is the best for touring.

It is quite new I think and when I first looked at it was a bit of messing about transferring routes from the PC to the Edge Touring. But that has been changed and it is now only a couple of mouse clicks and you get turn by turn routes uploaded onto the Edge Touring.

The other things I like about the Plotaroute which I like is that you do not have to keep flicking in and out of Streetview like you do with other route planners it is built into the plotting screen.

You can also plot a route which is on road and then sections offroad and they are all uploaded as turn by turn points.

I have just been out on a 16km ride to test it out and it was excellent. It took me 2 minutes to plot the route on the PC, seconds to load it into the Edge Touring and off I went I plotted the route so it would go along roads, small tracks and forest tracks and it didnt put a foot wrong. I even rode off the route and the Edge Touring got me back on route without a problem.

There is lots on Plotaroute which I dont know but even the basics are great.

Sorry for going but I like to Spread the word when I find something that I like.

Here are some of the tracks I rode today.

A small track between summer houses.


Unmarked forest tracks


Country tracks



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There are plenty of apps for your phone, but the question is how long will your phone battery last when using GPS?
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