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Might be just me but I do wonder if the track cycling GB team , male and female are missing those one or two figures who provide that bit of steel behind the scenes. Those figures who can give each other a slap and sort out the attitudes ? Certainly in the case of the men I really do think they miss Hoy, he had everyone beat before he even got on the track.He must have played a part in setting the bar high in training etc . It seems we maybe standing still whilst the rest now are overtaking ???
Its also fair to say they have changed some of there back room staff after Brailsfords departure ... Hoy was at one point GB team mentor when he stepped down. But I do agree hoy did seem to have a positive impact on the rest of the GB team.
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Some of them were a bit off form at the Worlds, but that's only one meeting. With Mr Sutton in charge, everyone will know exactly where they stand. He's not someone who puts up with much nonsense, and maybe there are a few on the team who are not so pushed by internal rivalries (think Hoy - Kenny). When the top dog sprinter is not challenged every day, the edge can go. I can't see him getting on the podium at anything unless there's a big change soon. But would love to be proved wrong!
Medals look like being down to the endurance riders now, pursuits and omnium being the best options. Even then it's a close call whether the wins come or not.
Wouldn't it be good if we ended up with a handful of wins though, four would do nicely for a start!
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