Gears slipping...

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My other half has had issues with her gears slipping for a while now. It's only when she tries to change gears up onto the outside gear on the front mech.

We took it into the LBS who checked it over, changed the gear cables and set them up again. But today (less than a week after it was looked it), same issues again.

I'm guessing part of the gear system may need replacing, but have no idea which part so thought I'd ask on here to find out if anyone had any tips?

I will take it back to the LBS to ask them to double check everything and if anything does need replacing I'll be refusing to pay their 'labour' charge, as we've already paid it once and they assured me they'd checked everything out fully!



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Sounds like the new cable has stretched a little, that's normal. Where the cable enters the shifter unit on the handlebars you should be able to turn the 'barrel adjuster' anti-clockwise, a quarter turn at a time, until the front mech is indexed properly again. If you can't get it sorted like that, drop into the LBS and they should do it free of charge for you.

More in depth information from Sheldon Brown here.
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