Genetic sprinter

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Emile Flournoy

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It took me 30yrs, (10+ in the military) to learn my nervous system was solely designed for 2-3 short bursts of intense short for sprinting. Is anyone else like this? Without going into boring details I have ALOT of background in this stuff (type IiAB) etc.


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I have no idea what liAB is and a quick search isn't showing anything relevant to your comments, but I thought the difference between participants in sprint and distance events was muscle fibre. So I am no sure what your nervous system has to do with your comment other than triggering the action of the muscles.


Is that you getting your excuses in for being slow??

Seriously though people are built differently and Chris Hoy would struggle up Ventoux and Chris Froome would be destroyed in the Keirin.


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Would that be type IIa, IIb or IIab?

"Heart failure in rats causes changes in skeletal muscle morphology and gene expression that are not explained by reduced activity."


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I so often start a statement nowadays...'when I was fit' :laugh:...I adopted the mantra of attacking hills (such as they are round here), attacking them hard, out of the saddle, then riding steady once at the top to recover. This was very good for increasing my average speeds over 50 mile rides. I could attack like that over and over the 50 miles. But it's not really deep was I pushing, how many times, how long for.. and what I considered pushing hard...may not have been for someone else.


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I disagree that everyone is different. Every human or animal is capable of a short burst of intense effort, those who are fit and can mobilise the energy needed will simply be able to sustain the effort for longer, that's all.


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