Get in the bike lane! Wait your turn! A video from yesterdays commute

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Apart from cycling proficiency in 1981 I've had no bike specific training. I apply what I learned from riding motorbikes, common sense and the highway code. That seems to be working so far.

Likewise but a bit more for myself. I find it a good idea that cycle training is getting better in the UK with Bikeability, not sure that many will take it up though.


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Because anyone that cycles any real mileage will see this 10 times a week, so there's no novelty or surprise in it. If we all posted up videos of such Muppets the internet would break under the strain.

And why indulge her? A cheery wave while cycling onwards gets the message across, doesn't delay the rider by one second, and doesn't risk them being drawn into an argument or confrontation that will get them nowhere.

This turned out to be a relatively benign encounter, but still the rider gained nothing in exchange for the loss of a minute of their time, so why bother?
If I had words with everyone who close passed me I wouldn't ever get anywhere.
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