Getting Impatient!!!

Anyone know how long Cycle to work vouchers take to be sent out to you?

Ive ordered my vouchers, and also ordered my new specialized allez sport at the shop, ive had the call to say my bike has arrived at the shop and is waiting for me to collect once i get my vouchers!

Its so frustrating knowing my shiny new bike is sitting in the shop waiting for me while im slogging it out riding to work on my mountain bike!
Its all different I had mine in less than a week, the lbs owner said for some folks it takes up to 6 weeks IIRC. Enjoy your ride when it comes B)


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They said that mine would take four weeks, but it actually took three. I hated waiting too!


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You're lucky folk.
My employer, which is a giant, long-standing company which operates worldwide aren't in the cycle to work scheme because they won't finance it. There are internal campaigns to try and change their minds but they're not having any of it so far.
It makes me a little sad.
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