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I like walnuts, brazil nuts, pine nuts, nice selection of seeds and that jucy dried fruit where te raisins are nice and chewy - not the compressed rabbit turds stuff. So, why not put them all together and have a nice snack for work, or out on a ride?

Something to bind it all together????? Golden syrup! So, warm some up in a pan and tip it over the mix and stuff it in the oven to harden off! Easy!

That is until you want to get it out the tin. . . Too warm and the stuff just pours out the pan and sticks to everything. Let it cool and you've got a baking tray which can deflect armour piercing bullets. Got around that by stuffing the tray into the deep freeze for half an hour and flxing the tin and the syrup/fruit/nut/seed mix popped out like 4 hockey pucks. Problem is when they reach room temp they get gooey again.

There's got to be a simple answer to this. Am I on the right track or should I be looking at something like a cookie mix to put this stuff in and forget about the syrup and similiar?

Any ideas and suggestions would be greatly appreciated


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You need some E numbers in there.:biggrin: :angry::evil:


Sounds like you've already done the right method to get it out.
But maybe if it goes gooey at room temp, then you didn't cook it enough?
Maybe try cooking it a bit more? (or just resolve to cook the next one a bit more)

Just keep it in the fridge (or even freezer) and time how long it takes to reach a temperature at which it is intolerably messy and make sure you don't leave it longer than that before eating it.
OR, simple make them into sandwiches, (possibly with a strip of something flat, i dont' know - lasagne maybe - between it and the bread) so it doesn't get too messy. That's the original purpose behind the invention of the sandwich, by the way - a convenient way of eating messy things.


Just a thought, but possibly a combination of butter and flour added to they syrup would help it bind together and harden permanently and not go soft again. That's what toffee's made out of, I think -butter, flour and syrup. That's the consistency you want to achieve ideally.
I suspect you need to cook it a bit longer, as Bonj says. When I make toffee I use lots of golden syrup (or black treacle) and I heat it up to around 130 degrees before pouring it into a baking tray to let it cool. If you haven't got a sugar thermometer, drop a spoonfull of it in some cold water. If it forms a pliable ball, it's ready. The hotter the mixture, the harder the ball and the harder the finished product will be.
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