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Once lived in a house, and slept in the room, where the previous owner had died. It was a house where you always felt you had company, even when you knew you were the only one in the building.

Anyways, one night I was lying in bed reading a book when I got that feeling of being stared at. It felt like someone was standing at the door just staring at me - I was alone in the room. I couldn't shake the feeling so decided to put down the book and turn the light off. I lay down and, as usual, turned to face the wall against which the bed was placed - this put my back towards the door. I couldn't shake the feeling that someone was staring at me and could feel the eyes burning into my back. I pulled the blanket up around me to tuck myself in and just after that the side of the bed behind me went down as it does when someone sits on it. You can guess how quickly I turned in the bed- but found myself alone. No-one will ever convince me to alter my belief that something sat on the edge of the bed that night.


My dad told me he saw his dad one night soon after his dad died. Dad was just getting into bed when he heard a noise. He turned round (very wary as at that time he lived on his own) and his dad just walked into the bedroom perfectly normally, staring straight ahead, then sat down upon the chair by the bed then disappeared. I think it scared my dad a lot more than he'd ever say.

As for me, I personally don't believe in ghosts but I've heard enough from other people to be pretty open minded about it.


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Couple of experiences, as a teenager walking home from dropping girlfriend back at home saw figure on otherside of road walking (gliding) having come from a door way opposite,(no sound of door closing) figure turns up gravel path (no sound of footfalls) as I draw level with gravel path I look up to see nothing, gravel path leads up to old stable block, no where for the figure to go, I ran home!

More recently at work on a late shift went to local nick, which is a small admin office located in an old Police House,the building is alarmed when unoccupied, I arrive and alarm not set, not unusual as someone else may be in building, sit down at computer to do e mail etc, hear footsteps in rooms above take no notice as probably another officer, no one appears, hear footsteps go back in other direction, still not concerned, get on with email, hear further footsteps, call out that I'm making a cuppa, no response, get up from desk, go up stairs to see who the miserable git is, no one else in the building!! Log off leave office setting alarm on way out. Have heard it since, but just assume it to be harmless spirit of some old time copper.

Father in law once saw a English Civil war soldier walking across a ploughed field near to Littlecote House Hungerford.

Mother in Law saw a Roman Centurian from the calfs up walk across a ground floor in a bank she was cleaning in Newbury many many years ago.

The first house me and the missus lived in, we used to hear a loud thud every night at the same time, we assumed it was the dog jumping off the bed. then one time it happened and the dog was with us. When we eventually sold the house by some weird circumstance we got to see the deeds of the house and don't ask why but there were details in the legal paperwork which related to the death of the wife and son of the vendor, both of whom had died in the house, we spoke to the neighbour who informed us that the son had died of a drugs overdose in the bathroom, and his mother had died of a heart attack whilst in her bedroom and had literally died on her feet, falling over onto the floor of the bedroom above where the loud bump was always heard!

And I have seen a UFO, no I'm not barking, was on patrol middle of the night looking out over Berkshire Countryside, towards Chieveley saw this triangle of lights come on about 45 degrees from the horizon they came on in a sequence from the apex down, then the middle filled up with lights, whatever it was sort of tilted away at its base and shot off at speed, whole thing was visible for several minutes. There were various reports from other people living locally.


Once whilst on the phone (landline) late at night in a room with the light off - I seen a blue apparition...which totally like thrilled in 'is this really happening, no hadnt been drinking or anything abnormal...this was quite an incredible experience and was totally incredible to have happen to me.

Have 'felt' a rush of something here, in the g.friends and she is of the opinion it is her grandmar. Sometimes I am aware of something when on own in house but thats only if mind wanders about maybe something else is around if you put your mind to it but maybe its just that.

In 2004 after a period of myself life 'ending' I was a free agent and borrowed a digi. camera from a freind for a couple of days... Went the local park and took some flowers etc nice morning and the like and when I checked them back I got lots of orbs above the flowers that was very interesting, on several of the photos.

I did post them on Yafro when it was going but the owners shut it as the pornsters took over basically.

I got told once by a psychic that I could be and develop it if I wanted too but some things scare the hell into me that I leave them at that and i always tell any who is uite affected if I comeinto contact with anyone who is taking this subject serious and its bothering them or its on the mind - to feel the love of those around you and surround yourself with bad things cannot affect you if you do.

Bit 'too much info' maybe but when its dark, the atmosphere's right, then who knows whats around....


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have you noticed a lot of cleaners and security guards have contact with ghosts? must be the time of day they are in the buildings. i have a couple of tales.

First, my mum is a cleaner and she's had a few encounters. now my mum is a christian and doesn't believe in ghosts, as in dead people, but rather spirits and likes to keep an open mind. She worked at the TSB college in Shirley where a white lady patrols the grounds. there have been a few sightings of her in the country lane that the college is on. when she took the job the caretakers told her not to enter the attic room on her own because people get locked in. it is unsure whether this is the white lady or whether they have locked themselves in in panic when they have felt her presence. one day, my mum and another cleaner were in the attic room and when they left, my mum realised she left her polish. she went back for it and it was on the windowsill, she got half way across the room before she felt the "cold" (apparently it always gets cold if a ghost is in the room) so she left her polish and legged it.

anyway, one monday morning (7am) she goes into work and there are four trainee managers (2 male, 2 female), suitcases packed ready to go home. the trainees are arguing with the staff to get them a damn taxi. all very weird my mum thought as they only arrived Friday night. turns out they had been for a meal at the local beefeater restuarant the night before, returned at about 9pm and there was a lady dressed in old white clothes on the staircase. Thinking it was weird they had apparently spoken to her and she evaporated into thin air! ;) None of them had slept a wink and all were demanding to go home.

I work in a building in Warwick on Gallows Hill. The clue is in the name. apparently built on a medieval burial ground where the gallows were. apparently they dug up "stuff" when they were building. Ghostly encounters include: sounds of children playing, horses, and a sighting of a dog that no one could locate after. 3 cleaners climbed the stairs to the top floor only to see a face staring in through the top floor window. one person was pushed down the stairs (hard enough to just make them stumble), yep you guessed it, when they turned round, no one was there. numerous encounters where people have been tugged at, or tapped on a shoulder, heard footsteps, and when they turned around no one was there. one security guard witnessed somebody walking out of a wall ;). Security don't like to patrol one particular floor because it has a bad feeling and, this is the best, apparently, at 12 o'clock midnight everynight a shadow passes through the building and no one knows what the hell causes it. :smile: There are also reports of the lifts going up and down and the doors opening when no one is in them.

i swear i should get "Most Haunted" to come in and stay the night. i told one of the new cleaners but he said he didn't believe in ghosts. he came up to me 3 days later and told me at 7pm the previous night he was in the loos. he went into the cubicle, shut the door to change the notice on the back of the door and..... the loo flushed behind him! said he never moved so fast. only other person on the whole floor was a girl in the press office.


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I knwo a few, not my own unfortunatly but here goes.

This was a friend who worked at a pub, who there was a story about an old lady who wandered the corridors. She was workign there one day and she heard a sound in the next room and dismissing it for just a creaking pipe (it's very old this pub!) she carried on doing the washing. So she finished off the clothes ironing them and took them to the next room and placed them on the bed. In the far corner was an old lady in late victorain clothes sat on an old rocking chair knitting. The friend was unsure what to do, so said hello and walked out as quickly as possible!


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When I was about 3 or 4 me and my family was living in this oldish house in Bexleyheath. I remember waking up one night to see a man, crouched down, jumping, a little like you see goblins doing in kids programmes. Thing is I wasn't scared, I just lied there and watched him till I fell asleep again.
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