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So been looking for a new bike over the past few weeks as a 30th birthday gift for my self, currently have a Giant defy bought for £500 5 years ago its done me fine but time has come to upgrade. After searching online i like the new defy models but prefer to buy from a local shop, after visiting my local dealer he explained that there is a limited supply of new bikes, but he did have a new Giant defy Adv pro 1 2018 model in stock which could be bought at around £600 off the retail price.

So i wandering how much better would a newer model be than a 2018 version? and is this a deal worth taking?

Also noticed that the 2018 models have 700x25 tyres and new models have wider tyres i assume once worn i could fit larger tyres onto this model!

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The difference between 2018 and 2020 models will be pretty small not sure there been any significant upgrades in the Defy in those years . The tyre size will be limited by the frame you will needs to ask the shop I ride 25mm tyres set up tubeless so lower pressures make them comfy . I sure your 2018 model will be tubeless ready get the bike shop to set it up for you . If you like the bike the year it was designed is nothing to worry about


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If you like the bike the year it was designed is nothing to worry about
Absolutely agree with this.

I bought a previous year's TCR advanced, the difference between it and the new one was that it came with yellow detailing instead of the green on the new model.

My wife bought a previous year's Defy, again there was a colour difference but also hers came with 105 whereas the new model had Tiagra.

My Genesis Tour de Fer is orange, last year's model was red, and the Schwalbe tyres differ by model, that's all.

Your bike will still be brand new, and hardly anybody will ever be able to tell what year's model it is. If you like it, buy it!

And enjoy the 600 quid saved. :becool:
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