Giant - new range in April ?


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I was in touch with Halfrauds the other day to get the price of an ordered-in SCR2 as I need to decide in the next week what LOC value I'm asking for on the Bike2Work scheme this year.

I was told that April's a bad time to look for a Giant as they bring out their new range then, so Halfrauds can't say if the SCR2 will still be available or still at £545.

Anyone know about the 'new range' and whether they're likely to ditch the SCR2 considering they've only just started selling the SCR2 2008 ?

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The bike industry works on a 12 month cycle - the following years bikes are launched in the summer and generally arrive in Sept/Oct that's why the best sale deals are in August/Sept when everyone's clearing out stock. Unless Giant are only just bringing in a new range, but don't expect to see 2009 models until after the summer.

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The place where I bought mine thought that there might be a "refresh" of the range in March, or thereabouts - they couldn't see much happening to the SCR2 though, as Tiagra hasn't changed (he reckoned the SCR3 might get the new 2008 Sora groupset, which I think went to 9, rather than 8 speed).


I forget which decent LBS I spoke to a month agoish but they said the same, new stuff coming in in March and only left overs in stock at the mo
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