Giant SCR2.0 Seatpost

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Hi all,

I'm toying with the idea of a new seatpost for my Giant SCR2.0.

The current, Giant branded post is a 27.2mm affair that uses a shim (Giant say the seat tube internal diameter is 31.7mm).

The new post will have my "quick ride" saddle on it, whereas the old post would get fitted with a Brooks for commuting duties (swapping the post being easier than changing over the saddles). Has anyone used a 31.6mm post on the SCR2? Is it a good idea, or should I try & get another 27.2mm post and shim?



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you're right - seat posts don't seem to come in 31.7 mm (ok, so I just did quick search on ebay).

using 3.16 mm is 0.3 percent smaller; I reckon you will be ok. (yes, I know that I said last week not to use a 27.0 mm post in a 27.2 mm frame!!, but that is 0.7 % diffference)


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I'd either stay with the shim or get your hands on a 31.6 post (borrow one) and see how it fits - if it's quite loose then forget it, if it's OK go out and buy the one you want.
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