Giant Trance x2 29er 2014 ... Upgrades?

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Looking to upgrade (think lighten) my 14 month old full susser now its due for a couple of repairs after a lot of use through mud, over snowdon and had a couple of tree collisions.

Parts in question:

Rockshox recon forks? Sometimes get a bit of front end scuttle (stiffness)?
Rockshox Monarch R rear unit? Could do with extra adjustments on the fly.
Stem upgrade? A few grams lighter?
Wheels (already running tubeless)?

I could just upgrade with kit from the Giant Trance x0 29er, but i'm sure there's better options.


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Forks aren't a cheap upgrade option, but will make a good deal of difference. Bargains to be had but you'll need to do a bit of research. Stiffness depends on stanchion diameter, steerer type and axle. So of you want stiffness go 34 mm stanchions, tapered steerer and 15or 20 mm axle. Loads of cheap revelations, or check Xfusion ...very highly reviewed.

Next look at wheels. Superstar have some great value wheels, with interchangeable hub options.

Bars and stems you won't beat on One for wide carbon bars (knuckleball) and their CNC stems for value.

What cranks do you have? And what's wrong with them? How about a 1x10 setup with a narrow wide ring and ditch the front mech?


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How about a 1x10 setup with a narrow wide ring and ditch the front mech?

This will be the biggest and quickest weight saving. £60-100 and about 3-400g ish saving

I swapped the standard Giant stem on my Anthem for a 50mm On One CNC. £20 and it was slightly lighter than the Giant stem. Quality bit of kit for the money.
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