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gilles berthoud

Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by hubgearfreak, 7 Mar 2008.

  1. hubgearfreak

    hubgearfreak Über Member

  2. Hover Fly

    Hover Fly Lover of the bunny

    No pic. handy, but the back one goes from the seat tube near the bottle bosses to about where guards usually finish. The front isn't particularly short.

    Edit:- From bikes and tandems>special bikes>light touring>700c Etna gives you a picture.
  3. hubgearfreak

    hubgearfreak Über Member

    thanks for that. i take it that you have some? are you pleased with the quality?:biggrin:
  4. Hover Fly

    Hover Fly Lover of the bunny

    Yes, the quality is all right, light and rattle free, but the odd blemish in the finish coat if you look very close.
  5. simonali

    simonali Über Member

    Look at the prices of their complete bikes! :evil:

    Are they 'avin' a larf?
  6. hubgearfreak

    hubgearfreak Über Member

    thanks. i've ordered some today:smile: