Gipiemme Techno 716 700c Aero Wheels



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or maybe comments if no experience on the merits of the weight/looks/price ratio !

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No first hand experience, but what I've read about Gipiemme wheels isn't great. Hubs don't last long, and they have a habit of going out of true. For half the money you could get a pair of Campag Vento's, which are lighter, reliable, and look just as good IMHO. Fulcrum or even Mavic Aksiums would be be a better buy. Or for a little more than the Gipiemmes you could get some Kysrium Elites, which I can vouch for as being very good wheels.


Sorry wherryman, no experience of these but they look a bit heavy even for that price. If good looking factory built low spoke count wheels are what you're after I'd suggest some Xero XCR1 which are almost half a kilo and £20 less. I was quite happy with mine until I replaced them with some handbuilts.
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