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I've just started riding - and am watching bike racing on TV for the first time (Giro D'Italia). They are descending in the mountains in the wet - how scary is that!

I'm a recently retired motorbike racer so I know about speed - but these guys have a bit of lycra on, not a full leather suit. Makes me wince thinking of them coming off at that speed. One guy had a major wobble just then, but kept it up.



The motorbikes (with cameras) often can't keep up with the pro's on a descent!


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They were going along the flats yesterday or day before (was pre-rec on my v+ box) and a roadside speed sensor showed them travelling at 68kph!

This is just over 42mph, dunno if they were wind assisted but bloomin fast!


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Garz said:
Apparently Arroyo's descent in the giro was better (was wet).
So you claim ............ There's always some one ........;). I'd like to see you descend a mountain stage like Cancellara and some one say "Hmmmm..... not bad I s'pose, but there is some one better ....."


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Muddyfox said:
Flippineck Cranky ... talented and brave

looked great fun

I'm sure it was for FC. The several times I have watched it I'm sure the team cars in front are actually slowing him down unless he is drafting them .....down hill. It seems a bit odd though when they appear to be getting in his way. He must have nerves of steel and no fear. It's one of my favourite cycling clips.
I think its gone now from youtube but there was a good vid of Robert Millar training on opening roads in the Alps; that looked really scary. I think the calm comment as is head missed a lorry by inches: 'professional cyclists can commonly get up to 60mph downhill'.


IIRC, Sean Yates (when he was riding for 7-11) was recorded doing 70+ mph on the descent of the Col de Tourmalet in the TdF.
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