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    Had it about a year now so though it about the right time to write a review. Ionos Helmet

    Cost me £111 after discounts on wiggle, mine is bright white with silver stickers.

    Comes with spare set of pads and a skull cap liner for cold days.

    It's light, airy and to be honest any fool can fit it to their head correctly without much fuss. I liked the styling and the sporty pro look (I'm such a sucker). It's been worn every day for riding to work and on several sportives and charity rides and when I get the free time the odd crit' too and I've not really noticed it being sat on my head in all that time. The chin strap is bog standard
    and the roclock is as per Giro's other lids. It's airy on a hot day and freezing cold on a cold day, hence the liner which is a great accessory and one which I immediately know I've forgotten to stick in due to the number of vents.

    Nothing to write home about in the rain but will admit that the liner is a bonus in wet weather.

    Plus points, extra pads, liner, comfy, no fuss fitting

    Negatives, freezing without the liner, no bee catcher mesh between the vents, roclock isn't finely adjustable enough. Would have liked a bag with it for storage considering the money it costs.

    If I crashed in it would I get another - yes funds allowing or the Atmos if not.
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