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a friend of mine is looking for a route from glasgow airport to cumbernauld (westfield area )
its part of a round the uk charity ride visiting all out uk work depots ,
anyone got any ideas on a route for this leg , he can do road or cycle paths / tracks etc as has the correct tyres for mixed riding . i belive u can cycke from bowling along the clyde and pick up the canal to kirkintilloch then westfield via waterside rd but wots the best way to get from the airport across the clyde to pick it up , or is there a better route by road ? any local help /knowlage would be great thanx


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I'd head out to Renfrew and cross at the Renfrew Ferry. Takes you onto the North side of the clyde and (almost) onto the cycle path.
I've not been on the new ferry, but I believe it still takes bikes.
Alternatively, you could head out to Inchinnan and then across the Erskine Bridge. The path runs under the bridge and is easy to find.
Or head towards Braehead through Govan and across the squinty bridge.

I'd avoid the cycle path from Paisley to Glasgow as its probably a longer route than those above and isn't the easiest to follow. I'll dig out some route online and post here.

Edit: Here you go:

Renfrew Ferry
Erskine Bridge
The tourist board do a free map of cycling routes around Glasgow and it includes [at least part of] a commuter route to Cumbernauld. If I get into town on the weekend I'll pick up a copy from the tourist board in George Square and post it - my copy went missing when my darling wife decided I should decorate the back room so I can't check just now.

It may be the map that is available for purchase from here:
& there may be route extracts here:
plus I think it may turn up if you do a zoom on the "search our mapping" option here:
And for any mapping, this site is always dead useful

Glasgow Airport isn't too far from NCN7 and the route into town from there does go through some nice sections (I like the section along the White Cart and into Pollok Park - worth a cake stop at Pollok House) although a nip through the Clyde Tunnel would get you to the canal quicker.

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I did a big circular route from Paisley out that direction last week on the holiday Monday. I'm not far from the airport. I headed into Glasgow along Paisley Road, through the East-end and onto Edinburgh road to Coatbridge and then headed north through Stepps to Kilsyth, Kirkintilloch, Torrance, Bearsden, Clydebank, Erskine Bridge and back past the airport. If I was heading for Cumbernauld from the airport, I'd probably head over the Erskine Bridge, out to Kilsyth and Cumbernauld. Not much in it going the other direction to Kilsyth either.

Some of the cycle paths are quite good, but others are not so good and they are not very direct.


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thanx guys , stig great links i,ll pass them on to my mate im sure we can get a nice direct route from something there
boydi we were thinking mabey part of ur route via kirky etc , as he has to try and get as quick a route as poss as its part of a 2200 mile charity run via all 51 of our works depots and he has to try and do aprox 100 miles a day to keep on his target , thanx again for ur help and info guys
ps u can follow his trip which starts begining of june here if u like thanks
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