Globe Vienna 1 or 2? Worth paying that bit extra?


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Hi there,

I am probably going to buy a Specialized Globe Vienna bike (women's). My first bike since I was a child. I've tried to research the practical differences between the "1" and "2" versions. (The price difference is that "2" is a bit more expensive.) The only comprehensible (to me) practical difference is that the "2" has 8 speeds, while the "1" only has 7. There are other differences, but to my eyes it's just numbers and minute measurements and brand names of different components - and not many differences like that. Basically, I can't see any difference that argues for "2" being a better bike. (I don't really care about having 1 extra speed.)

I'd be really grateful for any opinions.

I will mostly use the bike for commuting, in London, but will certainly use it for cycling on tracks, paths, etc, on day long trips.




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I have the Globe Vienna 1 (gents) and I really like it.

The Vienna 2 has the same frame and forks but with a few good upgrades. In terms of whether you'll notice the difference when riding, I'd say probably not. However, if you consider the 7 or 8 speed gears - it's not just a case of 1 more gear. The 7 speed uses the old style freewheel whereas the 8 uses a modern cassette system (much better in many ways including spares etc.) This also means that the rear hub of the wheel is different too, along with shifters and mechs. It's not possible to change from 7 to 8 at a later date either (or not without spending a small fortune). The '2' also has other improvements too.

In short, what might look like small differences on paper are sometimes actually more significant. However, if you just sit on the bike and ride it, there's not much difference in performance (that you'll notice commuting).

I went for the Vienna 1 because: A. It was cheaper (and it'll probably end up stolen anyway) and B. I preferred the colour!

The '2' is better though and worth £50 more. The '3' is better still - that's how they market them. If money isn't an issue, the '3' is the one to get IMO - well worth £100 more than the '1' (out of my budget though!)


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If it is for commuting then it is definitely worth paying more, the components are of higher quality and will last longer, at the end of the day you get what you pay for.
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