Glove size

I dont know if my hands are larger than normal but I have a job to find comfortable finger less mitts or full gloves at reasonable prices. My latest pair. Gore size xxxl were (for me) expencive but they just fitt, I have in the past tried Altura and the same problem they just fitt. Strangly I did find a pair of unbranded in Halfords a few years ago that did fitt but these are now just a bout had it. I know it is early days but winter is not that far away and I will soon need another pair of gloves, any one any suggestions?


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They all vary in brand size as you have highlighted, I got a campagnolo pair that were delibrately a size too big whereas another I got as a present were a small - both fit well. The best thing to do is to go and try them on. Evans/Edinburgh BC have a wide range and if I'm passing by will try on a number of them making note of the size for that brand my hands fit well in.
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