going above the call of duty

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it's sweet really.
I went round some steel workers' places to get some reinforcement plates for the the bolting of my ground anchor into my van.
I went to one ages ago and showed them the ground anchor and they measured it, and wrote down the measurement, in the middle of being on the phone and frantically handing out job sheets to waiting steel workers who then sloped off with them.
They said how many do I want, so I said 'two', he almost laughed - but then said he'd phone me up when they were done. No response a week later, so I phoned them, it was obvious they'd forgot.
So on thursday I tried another one, but this time I just took the measurements in and pulled the old "well I only want two initially for prototypes but might be putting a much bigger order your way when the patent comes through" trick. He said, ok, twenty quid. Hmm... bit of a rip-off.
Then another guy who I'd rang up earlier rang me back to enquire as to whether I still wanted it doing. I said yes, figuring that if his enthusiasm for chasing even a small amount of business is good then his likeliness of actually doing it will probably be quite good aswell, so I went and showed him - and he said it'd be done after the weekend.
Well he just rang me up to say he's done it but he couldn't get stainless so he's done them out of mild but he's had them powder coated for me!!!! aaah!!! and he's only going to charge me about a fiver!
I almost wish I needed something else making out of steel now, because that's excellent service, chasing it in the first place and then doing it better than needed!
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