Going from benefits to employment


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I was yakking with a friend the other day about how hard it was when i was getting off benefits and going into full time employment.

My main hurdle was trying to survive on a two week giro for four weeks until my first payday a month later... it's hard enough making a giro last a fortnight, let alone a whole month, and coupled with the potential added expense of bus fares and lunches, it's nigh on impossible.

however, according to my pal, one can continue claiming benefits right up until the day they get paid and don't have to sign off the day they start work... but 'they' don't tell people this.

is this correct?


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I don't know about that rule but I know that if you have signed on for 6 month you get a back to work payment which I guess is intended to last you to pay day


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I think amount depends on circumstances though, if you have kids/partner etc i Just rang and asked my advisor or whatever the hell they call them nowadays lol he told me how much it would be.
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