Going to meet seller today, is this a good deal? 2012 Marin Ventura T3


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Hey all,
Looking for an entry level road/endurance bike and have found this 2012 Marin Verona from an older gentleman who seems like hes taken good care for it.

Just lowered price to $600 which is still above what I wanted to spend, but is this worth the splurge?
View: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2520213651602023

From the post:
Marin Verona 56cm that is full carbon fiber, very nice, very light endurance model. Ritchey Carbon Pro handlebars, Ritchey Pro Carbon seat post, full Ultegra 10 speed group, Ritchey wheels NOTE LIGHTER THAN PICTURED with good Continental 4 Season tires and a good chain.

Any advice would be appreciated for this newbie. Thanks!
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