Going to The Smoke today....


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I was born in London, oh yes.... but only actually lived there for 6 years in my 20s. Got to take the train down to see an overseas customer and I'm looking forward to it, inner London is so much more pleasant nowadays thanks to congestion charging and strolling around the place you get that big city feeling of anonymity - you could be anybody or do anything and nobody would know what or who you were.

I might have some time to spare before my train home. Anybody got any suggestions for a time-killer around the Euston area? If I have time I'd like to have a look around St Pancras station as I haven't been there since the restoration.
St Pancras is good - but will loose its charm with the hustle and bustle!
Jump on the Piccadilly Line to Leicester Square and wander down to the National Portrait Gallery for a quick tour of the 20th century gallery, an overview of Nelson and a stroll upwards back to KX/StP.
Have fun!
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