Golden Earring

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Mr Phoebus

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I've been ridin' all night, my hand's numb with no feel
There's a voice in my head that drives my heel
It's Cycle Chat, says I need you here
And it's a half past four and I'm shiftin' gear
When I get lonely and the longing gets too much
I send a cable comin' in from above
Don't need no phone at all
We've got a thing but it's not Bikeradar Love
Wave two fingers in the air, Bikeradar Love


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:blush: :rolleyes: :thumbsup:
The second i saw the post heading..i thought yeah !!!!!!
Songs not going to leave my head for hours now.


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I saw Golden Earring support The Who in the Rai in Amsterdam in the mid seventies.

Check out their album Contraband, great pop rock in the same vein as R***r Love.
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