[GONE] Breaking: Professional Downtown Hybrid


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The latest abandoned score; too cheap and far gone to save so I've pinched the wheels and intend to scrap the rest.

It's currently out by the bins waiting for the dids to next pass, however if anyone wants anything from it before it goes be my guest - it appears to have a Shimano Tourney RD and V-brakes; not sure about the provenance of the other bits but has a square taper triple crank, grip-shifters... one brake lever's definitely knackered, as are the bottom bracket and seat (post and clamp might be salvageable). Even the steel frame might be worth having if you've got a load of components waiting to go on and are desperate for a ride.. although it's been bably painted and is a bit dinged.

Everything is a bit tatty but if it's gratis and helps you out of a hole...!

EDIT: Now gone!
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