Good buy or sound investment?

Discussion in 'Vintage and Classic Bikes' started by davidphilips, 14 Jun 2018 at 11:29.

  1. davidphilips

    davidphilips Senior Member

    Dont know if i have just made a very costly silly or just bought the bike i have wanted since i was a young boy just paid for it ? 1949 Hobbs Of Barbican Blue Riband Reynolds 531 24"/60cm Frame, Simplex Etc
    Bought on ebay was any one else watching it?

    Any one have a view on if i have paid to much and bought a lemon or a sound investment?
    Views welcome,

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  2. T4tomo

    T4tomo Über Member

    if you've wanted it since you were a young un, then whatever u paid is good value..i doubt it will make you tlrich investment wise, but I don't think that's why u bought it
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  3. Cycleops

    Cycleops Veteran

    Accra, Ghana
    Hobbs of Barbican bikes are much sought after maybe for the same reason as yours.

    As above, I don't think investment was foremost in your mind!

    Looks like a lovely bike.
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  4. nonowt

    nonowt Active Member

    I had an eye on it! Too small for me but it's a lovely looking machine so I was just keeping a look out of interest as I'm trying to stop buying bikes that are too small (just because they seem cheap or I feel sorry for them ).

    I think the price was fair - if you were to buy a similar frame and build it up yourself it could cost double. It would also cost double from one of the vintage bike dealers. It doesn't look to need much work and if it's not all you dreamed off after all, even in todays crazy vintage market I can't see you having much trouble selling it on and at least getting your money back.

    Let me know how you get on with the Simplex Juy 51 - I'm currently cleaning up a set for a '53 Ellis Briggs I'm rebuilding. It's way too small but it seemed cheap and I felt sorry for it.... :whistle:
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  5. Nigel-YZ1

    Nigel-YZ1 Guru

    Looks very nice. Of course it'll need another bike around to stop it getting lonely...
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  6. OP

    davidphilips Senior Member


    LOL, Dont worry it wont be lonely down to 8 bikes at the moment but this one will make 9.

    &nonowt will let you know as soon as i arrives and has had it maiden voyage with myself, hopefully its one to keep.
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