Good deed for the day...


Free-wheeling into oblivion...
Haven't ridden to work for a couple of days due to the cack weather (me=big girls blouse) so went for a blatt before tea this evening to blow the cobwebs out.

"Blowing" the cobwebs out is a bit of an understatement - force 8 gales are predicted this evening - it was blowing a hooly !

Anyway, managed 11 lumpy miles (in rush hour) in 36:23, including stopping to help a chap on a hub-geared hybrid who had a flat. He was struggling and only had a patch and a pump so I gave him my spare tube, crossed my fingers, and got on my way.

Think I'm almost ready for a sub 30 TT - how hard can it be ?



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Hi amnesia
yes it was very blowy out there tonight - I to went for a "blow the cobwebs" as I have had a sore knee for a week or so and haven't cycled.
Even in not ideal weather, I LOVE cycling :smile:
Well done on the good deed ...
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