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Hello people,
Having just joined up I thought I'd take the opertunity to introduce myself.
My name is Graeme and I'm 38, from Midlothian, and recently I've had this great idea that what I needed was a bike, mostly due to the fact that I was starting to get a beer belly and that my 2 year old daughter was getting too fast on her bike for me to keep up walking.
After a bit of research and not wanting to spend loads on a bike for fun and fitness I found the btwin RR 5.2, which had good reviews, so looking at this and the 5.3 I decided the 5.2 suited my needs and bought it.

So last night I went for a nice easy 10 mile ride and thouroughly enjoyed it, so much so I'm looking forward to the next ride.


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welcome aboard


Yea, just along the local tarmac cycle path which apart from a couple of slight hills is pretty flat.
I was just going easy, getting used to the gears etc.

Surprising enough my legs are ok today, I did make sure I had a stretch afterwards tho, it was more my bum from the seat that felt a bit sore.
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