Good evening!


Go on, tilt your head!
Hi everyone,

I've been floating around for a couple of weeks now so I suppose I best say hello!

My name is Joe, I hail from Fareham in Hampshire.

The reason I'm here is I've got the bug for cycling recently and I've decided my mountain bike with slicks just doesn't quite cut it anymore! I've done a handful of organised rides over the last couple of years, the IOW Randonee 100km being the popular event.

I've set my sights on the LEL2013 next year, so that's what I'll be training towards over the next 10/11 months, as soon as I've sourced the right bike.

Currently training for the Great South Run and then the Gosport Half Marathon after that but once these two runs are out of the way my focus will turn to cycling more seriously.

Oh one last thing, I mickled for the first time tonight!!!!

That is all.


Washington, DC
Hello Joe,
being from the states I am not familiar with any of those rides hahah, but it sounds like you've been staying busy. :hello:
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